Living A New Life
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
August 2, 2002



It's now been three weeks since our house was broken into and the computers stolen. Three weeks of a new life; I hardly recognize myself :-)

As I said last time, nothing has a hold on me any more. I don't care about anything but Jesus. I just want to spend hours and hours in His presence, and be His extended hand for others. That's all. I've spent so many hours with Him - with Him doing a deep work within me - and I'm starting to see the fruit. I told you that He had been showing myself to me, the things that needed to be tackled and those needing to get rid of. Suddenly they're gone. And I'm also seeing a new depth, an increased anointing as I have the honor to be on the ministry team at the International House of Prayer (=IHOP) (where I get to pray for people every Sunday night). He is so awesome!

And I now get to spend time at IHOP - where there is 24/7 praise and worship - since I was given a car last week. PRAISE GOD! A VW Jetta. I'm overwhelmed by God's graciousness, and the couple lending me that car who are such precious friends. Having a car is opening the door in many ways.

Another praise report - for a while it seemed that I wouldn't even get enough money from the insurance to buy a good new computer. But God is so awesome, He gave me favor. I was given a lot of money, so that I'll have a REALLY good new notebook very soon! (It was naive to think I could spend the money on tuition - they reimburse you just for what you spent on the new computer).

Exciting times are ahead. We have 4 more weeks at school before we finish our first year. I've been doing well with getting my papers done - with a few more to go - and today I was even told by our Dean that he forwarded my paper to (our new) World Revival Press for publication.

Many more ministry opportunities are coming up in the next few months. Jill Austin is taking students with her to other cities, and I hope to be one of them.

Then there are two international trips planned:

* In November Steve & Kathy Gray are going to London and Vienna (my church!) and I'll be going with them.

* End of Dec/beginning of January a ministry trip is planned to Bulgaria, with our present Dean and some students. We already have some connections there.

The number one prayer concern is still my legal status, that the school gets the authorization to issue me a student visa as soon as possible.
Also, with new opportunities the finances necessary increase. Ministry trips, tuition, rent,... please pray for more people to start supporting me with $/10 a month.

May the Lord pour out His abundant blessings on you!



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