Quick Personal Update
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
July 2, 2002



I'm taking a short break from paper-writing to quickly write you an update:


I went to the driver's license bureau 4 weeks ago. Since I don't have Social Security, they said they couldn't give me the license right away, but had to send all the papers to their headquarters. I had the expired form with me, as well as a letter from the school that they were working on my transfer. They photocopied everything and sent it off, and to this day I haven't heard back from them.


I've mentioned before that there was a possibility for me to have a car to use. Two weeks ago, someone in the church gave (lent) me an old car, that still needed some fixing - it's a stationwagon from 1982. Since my friend Jenny had just arrived, it was perfect timing. Well, less than a week later, I didn't make it home from the grocery store; we had had troubles before that. So I'm back to not having a car, but the owner wants to fix it if it isn't too expensive, and then let me use it again. Praise God!


I don't know whether the driver's license will still lead to any problems. Our school called the INS again, and they said the school would get the authorization I so urgently need in fall. That means, continuing to wait, with my legal status being unsettling. I pray that this situation will be sorted out quickly, and that I won't get into trouble once the transfer process is really starting. When I go to Austria in November, it all has to be settled.


Five weeks ago, at a time of bombardments from the enemy, I suddenly had blisters on one eye-ball, which were blown up and gradually flattened out. I've never heard of anything like that and was considering going to a doctor.
Well, five weeks later it's still there and one day I decide to go, the other not to. Having neither social security, nor an insurance, nor any money, I really can't go. However, I'm praying that the Lord would provide the money for me to go to the doctor's to have it checked out. Please pray for my healing.


This is week 6 of 14 and as always, we're having wonderful classes, learning lots and being trained for ministry. I have a lot of papers to write, which I enjoy, even though it's challenging time-wise.


Next weekend the Network is having a 2-day retreat for church leaders and pastors and some of us students are going also. I'm really looking forward to that, and it's probably the closest to a kind of holiday that I'm gonna have.


My friend Jenny arrived from North Carolina just over two weeks ago and was planning to stay 7 weeks. I had met her last summer in North Dakota and was really looking forward to her stay. Unfortunately, she had to leave after two weeks already. However, she's made the most of her stay, attending classes with me and spending lots of time at the Internation House of Prayer. According to her words, she left a different person from when she came.

That's all I have to share for today. I'd appreciate your prayers:

+ Driver's license
+ Car repaired
+ Visa-paperwork being sorted out asap
+ Healing for my eye, money for the doctor's appointment
+ Financial support

May the Lord bless you richly!



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