Start Of Third Trimester Perspective!
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 9, 2002



Therefore, holy brothers, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess (Heb 3:1).
Let us
fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God (Heb 12:2).

Perspective - that's all everything is about. It is perspective that causes joy or depression, fear or confidence. As Christians we should always have a perspective of joy, gratefulness and confidence. When we fix our eyes on JESUS, everything else fades away and becomes unimportant.

In my last mail (before the prayer concern), I gave you some facts about the last few weeks, as school was starting again. Today I'd like to share from my heart, what the Lord has been doing in me recently, hopefully encouraging and uplifting you.

In the middle of last term I got really tired, as spiritual attacks and battles increased, which affected the quality and length of my times with the Lord. When the break came, it was all too easy to give in to tiredness. The Lord had already been working on me, showing me my real self, which was quite heartbreaking, as I realized that there was nothing good in me, and that I was nothing without Him. As the break progressed, my own incapability became more and more obvious - I couldn't do the simplest things without Him. And I was shocked and disappointed with myself.
As school started again, I knew I had to get my perspective right again - only with my eyes on Him can I battle the flesh and self victoriously, crucifying myself daily and casting myself upon Him. Then it's all about Him and He can work with you because all you have is yielded to Him.

The first school week I was pretty desperate for a breakthrough - tiredness is a pretty strong factor! Friday mornings we always have chapel in our school - worship, followed by preaching, all together just an hour. Our Dean - a man I greatly honor and look up to - was preaching. It seemed he was directly speaking to me! He spoke about being attacked, how to react, etc. etc. and then he shared how he had talked to God one day, when lots of students were under attack. As he shared what God had answered him, these words literally shot through my whole body:
You should be grateful to be worth being attacked. I broke on the inside. My perspective was put right and that's when everything turned.

One thing I really need to learn is to fight when being attacked personally - maybe coming from a neutral, pacifist country has to do with that. I had a dream around that same time where God really made that clear to me, which was also a warning of the attack to come (see last mail). Let me say at this point that the second dream, which I shared in the short ADD-ON mail, had NOTHING TO DO with the visa situation - its interpretation has become clear meanwhile. I'm sorry I sent it out to you guys.

This morning, our pastors Steve & Kathy Gray were back after ministering in Australia & New Zealand for two weeks. They shared how they had had the most powerful services ever, with the most desperate and hungry people they had ever seen. What an awesome God! Pastor Steve spoke about the honor of God, reminding us that that is what EVERYTHING is all about. Are our lives, our churches honoring Him? You see, it's all about perspective - am I serving HIM, or am I serving myself? Am I pleasing HIM, or am I pleasing myself? Am I working for HIS kingdom, or my own?

God spoke to me this weekend concerning the visa situation - thank you for praying for wisdom, I still need it.
First He convicted me that I had to pray for America and bless America, if I wanted to be blessed (stay here and go to school) - there was no excuse for praying less fervently for America than the Americans here.
And today He changed my perspective again: The thought of being deported had been absolutely horrifying. Today I realized that I'd be going to Austria as a carrier of revival, bringing His fire and advancing His kingdom, and it'd be absolutely glorious!
However, my place is here for now and I know that He will work out the whole situation - I have absolute peace that He is in control! I do plan to go to the driver's license bureau next week - unless God tells me not to - to pick up the license, showing them the expired form and a letter from my current school.

What an awesome, glorious God we serve! Always keep your eyes on HIM, doing HIS works and being HIS reflection wherever you are. It is my fervent prayer and desire that I'd become visible for Him to shine. I'm praying hard to lose myself, think of others more than myself, being a servant at all times - and yet I fail all the time. Thank God for His grace and patience!

Please pray for:
+ bureaucracy to be sped up, my visa situation resolved.
+ favor at the driver's license bureau - wisdom
+ that I'd be killed ;-) so that He alone would live in me (dangerous prayer!!)
+ the car somebody wants to lend me - one more hurdle to take
+ my friend Jenny who's coming on Saturday to stay for a few weeks - I know she'll be changed forever! :-)

Let me know if I can help or pray for you in any way - I so much appreciate your partnership and friendship.

There are awesome times ahead and I'm looking forward to sharing wonderful testimonies that glorify HIM in all the earth!

Keep your eyes fixed on JESUS!



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