School Break New Semester
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
May 27, 2002



The five-week break is coming to an end. It was spent with writing papers (I got 4 of the 5 done), translating (online devotional and pastor Steve's book) and weekend events (conferences, seminars). Unfortunately no opportunity for getting out of town for a day or two came up and I still feel like needing a holiday.

The highlight of the break was Jill Austin's class. We had a full Saturday with her, being taught, ministered & prophesied to, and ministering to each other. How awesome to see God's Spirit working through you!
The following weekend we had Jill's conference, which is part of her class, where we as her students were her ministry team. Jim Goll was her guest speaker. Needless to say, we had an AWESOME conference in the presence of God!
The following night we had a feedback session with Jill which was so valuable, learning how to move in the Spirit and discern what's going on in a meeting.
We now have one meeting left, which will be in Jill's house and is going to be awesome.

After Jill's conference, I had the last inner healing training seminar to complete the certificate. In fall we're going to start small teams to pray for people, and I'm very excited about this opportunity (I hope I'll have a car by then to be able to go there at all!).
The weekend after, we had a women's conference in our church which was great. Besides Kathy Gray, Brenda Davies and Lisa Bevere were the speakers. We had lots of visitors and many were healed physically and emotionally, and received spiritual refreshing and revival.

These were the special events going on. During the week I would usually get a ride to school with my friend Dawn in the morning (she was taking her kids to school which is also in our church), work on my papers in our classroom, and ride back home with her at 3, when the kids got off school. These are the papers I wrote:
Luke's Theology of the Holy Spirit
A Comparison of Luke's Theology with Mark's and Matthew's
In-Depth Analysis of Acts 3 - Healing at the Gate Beautiful
In-Depth Analysis of Proverbs 31 - Wife of Noble Character
I've started working on my last paper, which is for the Bible Doctrines class, on women in ministry, focusing primarily on the controversial passages in the NT.

Tomorrow the new semester is starting, the third and last one of this first year. These are the classes I'm taking:
Roots of Revival 2 (Revival Elements in the OT)
The Bride of Christ & Song of Songs
Pauline Epistles 1
Revival Worship and Warfare
I'm looking forward to a new exciting semester, after a long break, and especially of having our dean, Dr. Ryser, teach us for the first time. He's such an anointed man of God and promised none of us would be the same by the end of this summer.

One last special event to mention is my birthday, which was on the 14th. We went to a steak restaurant (it was so good!!! - I had long wanted to have some good meat) and then to a friend's house. I had a wonderful time with my friends - even got a birthday cake with candles (can't remember when I last had that!), a cake and balloon :-)) If you want so see some pictures, I can e-mail you one or two.
For those who wonder - I turned 29.

Just after my birthday I finally went to get my driver's license. Since I had an international license, I thought I'd just have to answer a few questions. I passed the written test and was then told, that my license didn't count and I had to take the driving test also. So I got into my friend's car - and didn't know where the lights or the emergency break were (cars here differ from our manual cars!). Needless to say, to my greatest shock I failed the test! I'm hoping to take it again this week.

Finally I want to glorify God and His faithfulness! A few days ago we had to pay the tuition and to my amazement I was able to pay the full amount at once! Glory to God!

What lies ahead: I'm expecting a good (American) friend of mine to come visit for three weeks in June, which I'm really looking forward to.
Pastors Steve & Kathy Gray left for Australia and New Zealand yesterday, where they'll be ministering for two weeks. Their trip to Europe is in the planning stage, and they'll probably come to Vienna in November.

One important prayer request is still my visa. The school still hasn't go the authorization to issue me the form I need to validate my visa. Please pray for a quick settling of this whole issue. Since other international students want to come in fall, the school is doing all they can to speed it up.

Well, this is all I have to say today. Please write a few lines and let me know what's going on in your lives. I love mail :-)

May the Lord bless you abundantly,


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