Being Prepared School Break
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
April 24, 2002



The God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. (Rom 4:17)

That's the kind of God we serve! He calls the nothings, those that are not, the meek to carry out His purposes. It is not just a favorable thing for us to be used by Him but it is a requirement - knowing who we are and knowing who He is.

That's what God has been doing in me in the last few weeks. It is not a one time-thing, but He takes us through this again and again, and every time it gets deeper. Thanks to His grace, to Him transforming us into the image of Christ, gradually, step by step. Over the last few weeks He's made me aware of who I am, has shown me who I am, and has broken me. I was disgusted by what I say, heart-broken by what I say, so much that I didn't want to come close to people so they'd see who I really am, not even wanting to be around myself. I realized that there's nothing good in me, that I cannot do anything, that I'm utterly helpless and useless. And it broke me totally. Thank you, Lord!
And when everything was gone, all that was left was Mali (for those who don't know: the West African country where my heart is) and His purposes for that country.
We've made Christianity all about us, yet it is all about HIM. His kingdom being established in this world, His honor being restored in the nations! I knew that there was nothing I could do, yet I was irrelevant. Relevant was His plan for Mali and that all He wanted was someone to work through and I had said yes.

I guess I have a more realistic picture than ever what it is gonna look like, especially of the less glorious side. I'm so thankful that all I am is His vessel. Because I can be that.

About 2 months ago the Lord spoke to me to make sure I was ready any time when He'd say 'GO', whether it would be before the two years are over or afterwards. I must not waste any time! After all, the reason I am in Kansas City is to be equipped for His purposes in Mali. And sometimes the longing to be there becomes so consuming, it seems to tear me apart. I've been memorizing Scripture verses in Mali's most important language, reading the Bible in that language, making contacts with Malians online, praying and fasting, getting ready any way I can. Sometimes I even wear my Malian clothes to school or church :-))


Last week we had finals and they all went well. I still have 5 papers to write which will probably take up all of my 5-week school break until May 28, especially since I also have translation work to do. This week we are having a two-day training seminar with the World Revival Network (under whose umbrella I will probably be going to Mali) which is going great, meeting pastors from all over and building relationships. This Saturday Jill Austin's class (Bridegroom Prophets) is starting and I'm really looking forward to it. It will be intensive and over within 10 days. After that I have the last of the inner healing seminar weekends before getting a certificate. After that we have a great women's conference at our church. And then school basically starts again. As you see, it's gonna be a busy time, not really a holiday.
For the last few weeks I've been praying to the Lord to make a way for me to get out of town for a few days. I do need a holiday!! I long to get away, even if it's only for 2 days.
Another thing I have to do is get an Amerian driver's license. My international license is running out in two weeks. However, no car in sight so far.

Finally, if you believe in God's purposes being fulfilled through me, I'd like you to consider supporting me with $/ 10 a month (or more if you want). The new term is starting in a few weeks, with the tuition due right then. Even though I long to be in Mali already, I know my time here is not complete yet and I'm anticipating an awesome summer term.

Why don't you come visit? Our guestroom is ready for you...

May you be consumed by His honor and glory!

Many blessings,


Would you consider supporting me with $/10 a month?
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