6 Years Of Revival Finals Approaching
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
April 7, 2002



We're in a season of many events at World Revival Church, with God moving powerfully and preparing us for changes ahead.
On March 16 & 17 Steve Hill, the evangelist God used to start the revival in Pensacola, came to minister in our church for the first time. We had a powerful weekend with many lives changed.
A week later, we celebrated the 6th anniversary of revival, preceded by a pastors' conference, with many from the World Revival Network coming to celebrate with us. The actual anniversary was on Sunday, with CBN founder Pat Robertson (700 Club) preaching. Read an excerpt of what Kim Happs, one of our members, said about this weekend:

[...] More than a single incident, this powerful moment was merely a tiny glimpse of the power-packed meetings of the previous days. Pastors, leaders, and friends of revival had joined ranks to take a deeper look at the current state of revival and look to its future direction. This Pastors' Conference gave them the opportunity to hear the heart of God through the mouths of numerous revival leaders as nine different speakers shared during the weekend. Most of the names would not be recognized outside of the World Revival Network, but Pat Robertson, a good friend of revival, made a special trip to Kansas City to join in the celebration of this enduring move of God and give a wake-up call to the church. Out of many voices rose a clear declaration of a single vision of moving in greater power and miracles in humble service to the world. These servants of the last hour will not only be the great and gifted; those who are being chosen now are the odd, untalented, and unattractive people who have been overlooked by everyone until this hour of transition.

Over the course of the weekend, many fresh testimonies of the workings of God built the faith of the hearers. Several pastors shared how God had used this revival to bring freedom to their hearts, wholeness to their lives, and power to their ministries. Others shared about financial miracles and debts cancelled. Many testified to instantaneous physical healings during a time of prayer on Sunday. Neck pain, back pain, chest pain, and kidney stones were forced to flee as God rose and declared His Lordship over them.

Each song, each sermon, and each service was like the wind of God beneath the wings of the participants, but for many of these precious leaders, they were the life-giving breath of God. One service, Pastor Steve grabbed hold of the power of the moment and called for the most desperate people to come to the front. An overwhelming tide of people surged to the altar. An explosive, sustained roar of intercession filled the room as those remaining in their seats went to war for their comrades in arms. The power of God was released with dramatic results as it flowed into the lives of the desperate, once again leaving them changed forever. Add it all together, and this is revival.
-----------END QUOTE--------------------------------------------------

The weekend after we celebrated the resurrection of Christ. It was just after things in Israel escalated. We had a powerful time of intercession on our church prayer night Thursday. On Friday pastor Steve had Israel, the nations and what lies ahead of us very much on his heart. He shared how he wants for us to get it, to see what's going on. He ended up praying for people that God would open eyes and speak to people. It was so powerful! I ended up spending the rest of the service on the floor, throughout the whole preaching (not hearing a word), as I went through all the continents and prayed for the nations. The whole weekend was filled with intercession for the nations, as the Holy Spirit was heavy on me.

There is a lot of warfare going on right now, and I've been hit pretty hard this week. The last few days I've been unnaturally tired, my body weighing several times its weight, making it hard to even lift my arms, and weird unnatural pains at times. Also emotionally and spiritually I've been effected. And I've heard that I'm not the only one. If you can, I'd appreciate your prayers. I need special strength in the two weeks ahead.


Two more weeks and this term is over. And I have yet 7 papers to write, which is not possible anyway (I can write some during the holiday). The last week we're having finals. As if that wasn't enough, next weekend we are having COLLEGE DAYS. We're expecting about 200 people who are interested in WRSM. They get to go to the services, hear all teachers, have some fun activities, testimonies and music.
It will be an intense three days, yet exciting. Next year we'll be having many more new students.
Because of a change of schedule, we are having a 5-week break in May before the summer term. A month full of activities, and a special friend coming to visit.

Finally, one thing I'd like you to join me in prayer for: It's been rather frustrating not to have a car, which means not being able to go anywhere. Having to find someone to ride to the bank, to the library, to the grocery store, to church, etc.. However, I cannot afford owning a car, since insurance for foreigners is extremely high. The only possibility would be to use someone else's car (maybe for a fee). Or use a moped (I've been discouraged from using a bike).

Well, so much for the today - by the way, my paper newsletter is on the way to those on my list.

May the Lord's glory shine on you, in you and through you!
Keep Israel in your prayers!

In HIS service,


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