His Glorious Presence Turnaround: Open Heavens
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
March 11, 2002



When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. The priests could not enter the temple of the Lord because the glory of the Lord filled it. (2.Chr 7:1-2)

I've shared the first part of this Scripture before when I shared about the divine visitation I had in October of last year. In the OT people had to bring animals as a sin offering, today we bring ourselves (Rom 12:1). We are the sacrifice on the altar that has to be consumed by His fire so that nothing of us is left.
We spend a lot of time confessing and repenting, cleansing ourselves - and that is good. However, there is more. The altar for the sacrifices was in the outer court. Everyone had access to that court. People spent a lot of time there as they stood in line waiting for their sacrifice. But only the priests could go into the holy place.
We, as believers, are all priests (1.Peter 2). That day (see above), the priests could not enter the Temple because of His glory. Today we are called to enter into His glory.
The first time it might take you some time to find the door to the holy place. But don't give up! The more often you go there, the more easily you will find it. When you enter, you're blinded by its glory - it's all covered with gold, it's so beautiful. The altar of incense is in that room - it's the place where your prayers go up to the Lord. He loves listening to you as you pour out your heart.
You might be tempted to stay in that room - yet, while heaven is open there, it is not heaven itself. There is this huge, thick veil and you can sense His glorious presence radiating through it. Only the High Priest could go into the holy of holies once a year. Today our Father longs for us to come in.
But that might not be so easy - you're looking everywhere for the opening in the veil, struggling to find it, hungry to get into the presence of the Lord. Sometimes you might get tired and frustrated, but don't give up! It's worth it! And again, every time you go in it gets easier - you'll find the way more easily each time!
And then you are through - you're standing on the other side. Its splendor is beyond anything. You're in this huge, glorious hall, its beauty blinding you. And yet, all the beauty fades and you don't even care - your Daddy is there, that's all that counts. In the distance you can see that glorious light from His throne and you're filled with joy in anticipation. Like a little child, your face radiating, you start running towards your Father. As you come closer, you see His arms stretched out wide and you run and jump on His lap as He takes you into His arms. You let go of everything - time ceases, space ceases, all words cease. His love and glory fills you and all you do is simply rest in Him. And from time to time He lowers His mouth to your ear and whispers things to you.

That's the place we need to reach - everyone can go there. Once you've been there, you don't wanna be anywhere else. And He longs even more for us to be there with Him. I don't wanna go one day without having been there any more...

The Lord showed me this picture of the Temple as I prepared for a 5-min speech in class where I shared this. My prayer is that it encourages you and stirs your hunger for fellowship with Him.

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. (Jh 12:24)

When you sow seeds, you don't see the fruit right away. You have to water it and WAIT. If you're a city-person like me, you might get discouraged because the ground doesn't change, it stays brown showing nothing, and you go hungry because you need the crop.

Well, after much sowing and watering with tears, the Lord has opened the floodgates of heaven over me last week - it's time for the crop. I'm left humbled and overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Remember the 'breakthrough prayer' I received in the beginning of February - it finally took care of my apartment in Vienna, and accomplished something in the unseen world.
Last weekend I spent much time fasting and praying in desperation. On Sunday, after the service, the Lord filled me with abundant joy - bringing release to my soul and a release in the heavenlies, like a prophetic sign of the things to come.
Let me tell you what He's done last week - to give glory to HIM and encourage those of you going through hard times:

Several one-time gifts came in
3 people have committed to supporting me monthly (join them with $/ 10 a month)
I was returned money for gas/electricity in Vienna
New people interested in the language classes contacted me
Bible Pathway, the online devotional I translate, has doubled their gift for the translation
I was sent an urgent translation to do for an Austrian company - 34 pages for $700 !!

All this in a matter of days! I've now payed my rent, tuition, have been able to buy groceries AND my Austrian account is not overdrawn any more! Glory to God!

Thank you for your prayers and gifts that made the difference. Whoever sows generously will also reap generously (2.Cor 9:6). What a mighty God we serve!


Our church has a new - greatly improved - website up. Check it out at
www.worldrevivalchurch.org . The great thing is that there's streaming audio and video there to watch the TV programs!! (I hope the services will also be added soon). Now all of you guys living somewhere else can watch the wonderful things God is doing here!


March 16 & 17
Steve Hill from Pensacola will be here for two services. We're gonna have an exciting, awesome weekend!

March 21-24
Celebrating 6 years of revival with pastors & leaders from all over.

March 24
Pat Robertson, founder of CBN, is flying in for the 6th anniversary service.

April 11-13
College Days in our World Revival School of Ministry, a fully accredited university. Come and have a look if you can...

April 19
Kenneth Copeland is coming for one service, to dedicate the 'House of Healing & Hope' that will be open 24 hours a day for the sick to receive healing prayer.

May 2-5
Conference with Jill Austin & Jim Goll (part of my class).

May 16-19
Women's Conference at World Revival Church with Kathy Gray, Lisa Bevere & Brenda Davis.

Lots of great things - our guestroom is available to you if you'd like to come. Just let me know :-) You'll never be the same again.

In HIS service,


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