Conference Report: Signs, Wonders & the Prophetic
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
March 9, 2002



Last weekend "Friends of the Bridegroom" (Mike Bickle) organized the conference "Signs, Wonders & the Prophetic" in Kansas City. Speakers were Mike Bickle, Jack Deere, Jill Austin, Bill Subritzky, Kingsley Fletcher, Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley. As a part-time student of Mike's school (Jill Austin is my teacher), I had the joy of being on the conference ministry team. What a joy to be able to be a blessing, a channel of the Holy Spirit! I also prayed for people to be healed in those meeting described in the testimony below. Todd Bentley has been to KC three times in the last few months. He's a 26-year-old Canadian, a prophetic evangelist who moves in signs & wonders - a firstfruit (as he calls himself) of what is yet to come. I greatly honor this man of God and see him as a great example to learn from.

Be blessed:

A trickle becomes a flood…

Todd began his speaking time by sharing experiences from his mission crusade to India that ended only a few days earlier. He related how they had to overcome fierce opposition from Hindu and Islamic elements that tried to shut the crusade down. (For more information on this, please visit revival reports

As Todd expanded on the levels and aspects of healing and the healing anointing, the atmosphere began to change. Generally, when Todd is speaking of healing as it relates to biblical events, there is an open acceptance to the message. As this message begins to focus more on the present times, the atmosphere begins to change. When he then tells them THEY can have the same anointing, that the gifting is transferable, many cannot accept this concept. Todd then has to tear off this unbelief with scriptural proof that the healing anointing is for today and for all believers.

Todd proceeded to challenge the unbelief with scriptural evidence of God’s promises regarding healing. As he did so, the air was charged with an unnatural tension. Suddenly, a man came running down one of the aisles and up to the front of the stage. He was sobbing and crying out, arms stretched wide. Todd spoke a blessing over the man, asking that the Holy Spirit would come upon him and touch his life. The man fell to the floor and Todd continued with his message. Less than 30 seconds later a woman also walked forward. Soon another person did the same. Then the trickle became a flood, as droves of people rushed forward to receive a touch from the Holy Spirit. In just a short time, the entire front of the conference hall was jammed tight with people. We were reminded of the message from the previous night; "When God decides to visit, He will interrupt our program."

Testimonies Abound!

The testimonies were overwhelming and is was diffficult to gather all of them. Todd called up to the stage anyone who could testify of a healing of any sort. The line of people grew so long that he had to finally quit bringing them up.

Numerous people testified to having healed backs, shoulders, arms, and legs. These testimonies stemmed from injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, failed surgeries and so on. One man was a chiropractor who had been forced to stop using certain techniques because of the pain it caused in his own shoulder. He stated that he’d been receiving repeated prayers during the conference and that it seemed to lessen the pain for a short time. During one of the corporate prayers, he felt warmth in his shoulder. He claimed that he now had full range of motion and was pain free!

A woman, oppressed by Multiple Sclerosis since birth, was able to raise her arms over her head without pain or difficulty. A man with emphysema for 28 years claimed he was breathing clearly. A nurse that had terrible pain in her knees from torn cartilage and had failed surgeries was able to bend and kneel without pain.
She also reported that she had fallen on the ice outside earlier in the day and was barely able to walk to the conference.

Todd called up a man who had endured excruciating back pain for ten years. He had received four back surgeries. His hands and legs from the knees down, were numb. He claimed he felt fire running through these numbed areas and the pain in his pain was gone! Todd said the Lord had given him a vision as the man spoke. He said he saw this man going to villages with this testimony and performing miracles of healing.

Another woman, Mary, was called forward by a word of knowledge and testified to being healed of constant severe migraines. She had been involved in a couple of accidents that progressively injured her neck and spine, along with several other areas of her body. She told me that earlier in the year, she came to one of Todd’s meeting in Lee Summit. Since then, the Word of God was more alive to her as she read the Bible. She also told me that she had been listening to Todd’s Toronto message on the Internet. She said it had made a big difference in building her faith.

Earlier, the parents of Lauren Sadler were called out of the meeting to the children’s ministry rooms. She was complaining of severe stomach pain. The caretakers and her parents began to pray for her and she suddenly jumped to her feet, pain free! She and her father, Paul, came to the stage to testify.

Another area of healing occurred in the area of restored sight and hearing. Inhee Hoo, of Korea, could not see clearly more than several inches from her face. After several rounds of prayer from Todd and the ministry team, she was able to read the exit signs and could describe the pictographs for the escalator and elevator on the other side of the huge conference hall! Susanne, blind in her left eye for four years, said she could see motion. Another woman brought to the platform was totally blind in one eye and only had twenty percent sight in the other. She was progressively experiencing things becoming “brighter” as Todd prayed several times over her. Rita Whitfield, one of the conference staff members, had worn glasses all her life. She came to the stage without glasses and said that everything looked extremely sharp and defined. She was still having trouble reading print but she was amazed at the increased clarity she received.

Sonja Squires was deaf in her right ear since she was two years old. She received healing near the end of the meeting and said her ear was itching and very sensitive. She said she could hear out of it again after thirty-three years of deafness! Rebecca Chan also reported an increase in hearing during the same wave of prayer. Several other people testified to hearing restoration. One gentleman had 50% hearing loss in both ears. He reported feeling heat wash over him and then his hearing improved. Louise Lousma had been nearly deaf for forty years. She took out her hearing aids and could distinguish sounds much more clearly. Another woman that was brought to the platform said that for the last ten years she had been losing her hearing. During one of the healing waves of prayer, she physically felt something come up through her neck and out of her ear. Todd told her it was a demonic spirit that was cast out. She said that when it left, she could hear again! Another man testified to hearing again after twenty years!

The list goes on and on, the Spirit of God was moving in signs and wonders in this day and age.

We give all the Glory To God!!

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