Todd Bentley in Kansas City – Dec 12-16
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch/Brian Hill
December 26, 2001



Hello my friends,

I haven't found time yet to tell you about the awesome days we had just before I left for Vienna. God opened a door for Todd Bentley from BC, Canada, to come to Kansas City, only days before he actually came. Jill Austin hosted him and so we were her/his ministry team. Todd is only 25 years old but God uses him in signs, wonders and healings - even creative miracles, like limbs growing, a lady received an eye, etc. We had an awesome time in God's presence, myself being even more equipped for my time in Vienna.

Enjoy reading the report.



Christ Triumphant Church and Jill Austin of Master Potter Ministries hosted Todd, which kicked off on Wednesday night for a four day conference in the Kansas City area. Jill opened, pronouncing the conference would be key to uncapping ancient wells of revival and that angels were descending and ascending within the area.

“Spring Up Oh Well”

Todd began with a prophetic decree “Spring Up Oh Well!” The previous night we had spent some time with Jill Austin in her home and had some Glory Time.

Todd was caught up in a vision. He said that he was taken to a hidden well out in the forest. It was an ancient thing, covered in moss and in disrepair. An angel was inside the well. Todd thought he was going to bring forth some sort of treasure. Instead, the angel brought out buckets of honey. Honey represents revelation and opens the eyes of the heart. Todd said that this ancient well was yet undiscovered but that it was within the church (CTC). This knowledge was given to him during that day as he had several in-person angelic visitations. He said these visits were from the angel named “Promise”. Whenever this particular angel had visited him, all sorts of breakthroughs occurred in both the spiritual and natural realms. He declared that financial breakthroughs were common. Todd referred to Revelation 8:3 “Then another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.” The smoke of the incense was the prayer of Gods saints. Todd said that the angel “Promise” was present in response to the church’s prayers.

Prophetic Promise

Todd went on to declare that the coming year (2002) is one of Prophetic Promise. “Many of you have been waiting”, he said. “Your promises have been tied up (in the second heaven due to warring spirits). The angel is throwing down (from Heaven) the answers to your prayers.” Todd explained that at certain times and places angelic activity is increased. He said that the region was moving into such a time. He told everyone that during the next several days many of them would experience angelic visitations and be ministered to by the Lords messengers. Todd said that while he was waiting for the service to begin, he had a vision of a gate. The gate was of the city. An angel said, “Go through the gate.” This vision symbolized a Year of “Opened Gates”. He told the congregation that they too would go through this gate into prophetic fulfillments. He said that he felt the leadership (of CTC) was undergoing a change of position, a changing of the guard that they had been facing west and would now turn to face east, the direction of a new season. Todd spoke prophetically to the corporate church from Isaiah 62:1-4 “For Zion’s sake, I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns. The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, and all kings your glory. You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord will name. You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”

Words of Knowledge

Todd switched gears at this point and went into some Words of Knowledge. He said there was an old preacher who had been out of the ministry for several years. He felt this man had left perhaps due to frustration. He urged the man to come forward. Finally, a man stepped up. He said that he had been out of the ministry for 20 years he had been Mike Bickles pastor! Todd prayed over him, staying, “I saw oil on your hands, a golden oil and the oil represents a new anointing.” He also saw oil on the mans throat and felt that it had to do with a restoration in either a physical healing or even a renewal of preaching the Word. Todd said there were two specific things happening. The first was that God’s name is good ointment being poured forth onto the man and there was going to be a restoration to the man's name or reputation. The second item was a stirring up of new vision. He said the man would be drawn to new areas of ministry, perhaps healing and miracles.

Todd then called forth all of the people that had formerly been involved in some form of ministry. He prayed over them to reactivate their commission. He was calling up the reserves and releasing a new anointing on their lives. “The laborers are few. Make a way where there is no way.” He repeated over and over as he prayed for each one. He told the rest of the congregation “Waves of this is rolling over you this evening." Todd talked about the waves of glory that swept through Living Stones Fellowship in Fairfield, Iowa the previous week. He described how Heaven met earth in the tangible physical realm of the five senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing). He felt that this same experience could very well happen at Christ Triumphant Church in the coming days.

Todd transitioned again and called forth several illnesses and conditions. These included: breaking the generational curse off a woman whose grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, another woman with fibroid tumors on her ovaries, and a woman with failing kidneys. This woman went down hard and began to thrash about violently. Later, she stood up, smiling.Another person called forward was a young girl with spinal curvature. Todd said the spine needed to be healed because she was going to Asia as a missionary and evangelist. The young girl confirmed her desire to actually do these very things. One woman had a damaged bladder. Todd said that the Lord wanted to restore it with a new one. The woman that came forward said she had prayed for a new bladder this very week.

Another thing Todd saw was that several people had assignments of death over them. Some of it involved illness and disease but also freak accidents in the last six months. A woman managed to stagger over to Todd and said she had been in several car accidents. She had received damage to her back and spine. As Todd gave her several details concerning her situation, she jumped up and down, confirming it. Todd prayed that the Spirit of Death be broken from her. She fell to the ground and lay there for the rest of the service.

Another woman with a death assignment had illnesses. As Todd prayed, he asked the woman if she had a teen aged daughter, not yet saved and involved with drugs. The woman confirmed this. Todd said that witchcraft was involved. He broke the spirit of witchcraft from the daughter, asking the entire congregation to shout the girls name (Rachel) as the prayer was being spoken, calling her into the Kingdom of God.

Symbolic Keys

Todd switched gears from praying to preaching again. He said that the next year (2002) would see Heaven touching Earth. There would be an increase of visions, dreams and heavenly visitations. He said that there were ways of hastening the prophetic promises in ones life but it required action. He referenced Matthew 16:16-19. Todd said keys are symbolic of revelation knowledge, a method of unlocking a mystery or a door to new realms of God's kingdom. Prophetic words contain conditions that must be met before the promise is fulfilled. He emphasized that the “wait and see” attitude that is often promoted is baloney. He likened it to a janitor who has a huge key ring. The man has keys (words of prophesy) that have been given to him over the years by various superintendents. He cant remember what a lot of the keys are for anymore, but doesn't dare get rid of them, just in case. He never tries to use any of them but just hangs on to them and waits to see what they are for.

Contending for What is Ours

Other scriptures Todd referenced for this teaching were Revelation 19:11; II Kings 13:14; I Kings 17:1, 18:1, 18:41-43. He said that we must contend for our promises. The devil will try to rob those promises at every opportunity. Before a promise can be attained in the physical realm, it must be activated in the spiritual. Todd said that people need to make Declarations of Faith like Elijah did when calling forth rain during the drought. Elijah pressed in and contended for the promise.

As the evenings came to a close Todd called the assembly to its feet to make declarations of faith for the promises of God (health, prosperity, opened doors to ministerial occupations, deliverance, etc.). Using II Kings 13 (King Jehoahaz seeks the Lords counsel through the prophet Elisha), as illustration, everyone shot arrows into the spiritual realm at specific problems or for specific promises.

Todd will be in Kansas City again for a Prophetic Conference with Jill Austin Jan 15-20 2002 for more info visit or call 1-866-853-9041