God's Faithfulness & Goodness Miracle Needed
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
November 22, 2001



Do you see this woman?
I came into your house. You did not give Me any water for My feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You did not give Me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing My feet. You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on My feet. (Lk 7:44-46)

The Pharisees were always trying to trap Jesus so they could accuse Him, and so they devised a new scheme. They'd invite Him to a formal dinner but while everybody else would be greeted warmly, they'd deny Him the normal courtesies of the day. Then He'd have an outburst of anger - which was His right in such a situation - and everybody would see that He wasn't any different from anyone else.
So the guests started arriving, being kissed, their feet washed, oil poured on their head. Around the area where the dinner was held, there was little wall or barrier and people from all over would come watching. At those times, this was a social event everybody wanted to watch, like people today watching stars get out of their cars on the Oscar night. Then Jesus entered the house - but no one moved to greet him, therefore deeply dishonoring and embarrassing him. Around the wall, there stood a prostitute watching. Prostitutes would always wear little bottles of perfume around their necks. She had probably had an encounter with Jesus before that had changed her life. As she saw Jesus dishonored and embarrassed, she couldn't stand it. She jumped over the barrier, ran to Jesus, and with the tears of anger and dismay, she washed his feet, kissed them and anointed them, giving Him the courtesies He deserved and restoring His honor.
This is what revival about - restoring the honor of God. (From our class "Revival Theology" taught by senior pastor Steve Gray.)


Last time I shared about a special season of divine visitiation. For 10 days Holy Spirit would come down in power as I came to Him all alone at home. While those days were marked by long hours of simply gazing upon His beauty and enjoying being with Him, they were also marked by intense intercession for primarily Mali, and Austria. Since then I find myself more and more concerned with God's honor here on earth, or rather the lack of it, praying more and more for His church and His people.


Oh how God's name is dishonored in this world! For 30 days millions of Muslims fast every day until evening - neither eating NOR DRINKING - bowing down to their god and releasing the power of the enemy in the earth. And where are we? How much do we fast? How dedicated are we to our God? How much does it bother us that He is mocked and looked down upon? When researching Ramadan, I found a comparison to Christianity in the area of fasting in a book by a Muslim scholar, which can only be described as humiliating. How come millions honor their false god more than we do our living God who even died for us?
Ramadan started last Saturday and will last until Dec 16. The last ten days are believed to be more powerful spiritually, with he 27th day - Dec 13 - being known as the night of power when Muslims have dreams and visions. Let's pray that Jesus will be revealed to them that night. My heart's breaking when I think of Mali; let's not forget the missionaries in Muslim countries who need increased prayer of protection in this season.


A few weeks ago we had a wonderful women's conference in Kansas City, with Fuchsia Pickett, Melody Green, Jill Austin, Brenda Kilpatrick, Lisa Bevere and Diane Bickle. We had great times of worship - dancing with my flags :-), wonderful teaching and powerful ministry times. God did some special things of equipping in me.


One morning I got talking to a woman (I had never seen before) next to me - and suddenly she handed me a check. I had been praying for the money for the tuition of two courses I had to pay 2/3 days later. Unknown to her, she handed me the exact amount for one of those courses! Praise God!!! Isn't He awesome?
Two days later I was given the exact amount for the other course. Then I received the exact amount needed to pay my rent. Then the money for electricity and telephone... and so on. He is faithful! He's always providing - exactly what's needed and in the last minute. I'm thankful that He's teaching me to rely completely on Him for everything. The prayer "give us today our daily bread" has become meaning as He also provides food when I run out. Praise Him!


For years I've wanted to get more training in the area of inner healing, preferably with Elijah House. However, God's opened another door. Grace Training Center has weekend seminars you complete receiving a certificate, and there's also an opportunity to join a team, applying practically what has been learned. I'm very grateful for this opportunity! The first weekend was in October (Introduction), the next is in a few weeks (Emotional Pain). I met Penny, who also travels internationally, even before the first weekend and she's a wonderful lady I'm looking forward to getting to know better.


Jill Austin's class on 'New Paradigms of the Prophetic' is now also over (as is the guitar class - the continuation of both classes starts next week). It was an awesome time as Jill stirred the hunger for more of God in our hearts, and as the glory of God descended on us. I believe her class has affected me more than I know. You can see how deeply she loves God and how intimately she walks with Holy Spirit. In our last class session, she gave prophetic words for over 2 hours, including me. I'm looking forward to her new class starting next week, which will have more opportunites for practically ministering ourselves.


11 of our 14 weeks are over - we've had tests, oral presentations, plenty of papers to write (4 more in the next 3 weeks!). I'm greatly enjoying the classes, especially the one on the Hebrew perspective as one Bible passage after the other starts making real sense, as my thinking is renewed and transformed. It's so awesome!!! I love it! We've also been going through the different ministries in church, doing everything twice to get an idea what it is like and find the place we want to get more involved in. So far I've done parking (yes, in America you need parkers to prevent chaos), ministry team, ushering (you wouldn't believe what that involves here!), intercession (intercessors are always praying during ministry time), children's intercession (little kids interceding as well), bookstore and testimonies (there are testimonies every service). I still have to do camera (we now have a local TV program every Sunday - hopefully to expand in the near future), helps (cloth lady, cleaning), different children's ministries (2 year olds can quote verses, 4-5 year olds have their own revival service) and greeting.
I've become friends with a few people in our class, associating more with the 'older' ones than the 18-20 year-olds ;-).


Sue has become a good friend - and I might be moving in with her in January. The first three months, I only had to pay half-price for the apartment, but now it's going up to the full price, which I simply can't afford. Sue had kept a room in her house for her sons, in case they want to move here. They are here for Thanksgiving this weekend, so the matter will be decided in the next few days. I believe, not only would it help us both financially, it would also be a blessing. Sue also has a 15 year-old daughter who lives with her.


Well, this is still not solved. The lady in my apartment in Vienna has been going through hard times and has therefore been unable to pay any bills. For that reason she now owes me 840 US$, which I owe to the bank and pay interest on. I haven't heard from her for two months now, no e-mail or phone call making a difference. A few days ago I sent her a letter asking her to vacate the apartment. Even if she does, I'll either have to keep paying the bills and pray God will enable her to pay, or find someone else to move in until I can find a place to store my stuff and can come and take care of it. Unfortunately, the situation got even worse a few days ago when social security sent a bill of 420 US$ to be paid for the year 2000. That now takes me to the limit of how much the bank is willing to lend me. Only a miracle can help!
Please pray that God will bless that lady, financially, emotionally and spiritually, that she would be restored. My Mum is trying to help as much as she can... talk about the honor of God!!


Unfortunately I can't afford going home for Christmas :-(. It's hard to imagine not being with my family, and many people here leaving to be with their families. Well, I do want to go some other place too and am looking for opportunities. I'm planning to come to Vienna in April, during the next break, when it will be my Mum's 50th birthday.

Well, I wish all Americans HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! May the Lord bless you abundantly!!

Love in HIM,


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