Ongoing Divine Visitation
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 16, 2001



When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. (2.Chr 7:1)

Last Wednesday at the International House of Prayer, I had a divine appointment with someone I hadn't met previously and received a one-sentence prophetic word that went through and through. One half was a repitition of something I know, the other half more or less an answer to an 'unsaid prayer'.

In any case, it brought me into a new dimension in my walk with the Lord. No doubt also thanks to your prayers after my last post - THANK YOU! I started interceding more and more for Mali and Saturday morning, as I came before the Lord, His glory filled my apartment. I tried to read 2.Chr 7:1, when the Lord consumed the burnt offering at the dedication of the Temple and filled it with His glory, but couldn't read more than a few words because of His fire, glory and power. It took me 45 min to read that one verse!!! I spent three hours in the glory of God, losing all sense of time, so overwhelmed by His presence I could barely get up. At church that night, I couldn't stand long in worship before lying prostrate before Him again, needing help to get up and get to the car after the service. Same thing Sunday, and Monday, and today Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon it seemed His power and glory lifted a bit, but only to return even stronger this morning, at home as well as at school as we worship there. I've been doing deep intercession for Mali (West Africa) where my heart is, wearing my Malian clothes, and crying out to God to be transformed into the image of Christ, prepared for His service, consumed by Him and passion for Him, not caring about anything else any more.
I've never had such a powerful visitation before, and it is still continuing. I can't even write all of this without His power manifesting. And I want to get even more desperate for Him, even more sold out to Him, even more like Him, disappear so that His glory flows through me, so that His power flows through me, for Him to be glorified, honored in the nations, for His kingdom to come in all its power!

I pray that nothing of me will be left so that His will can be done through my life! And I pray that all of you will get sooo hungry and desperate for the Lord! How hungry are you for Him? How desperate are you for Him? Do you need more? He loves the hungry and desperate.
Let me say again, if you can, COME TO KANSAS CITY! Females can stay with me, males with Samuel my neighbor. God is here with revival power, changing lives forever! There's a women's conference coming up from Nov 1-4.

Trying to address some practical things....

* Car - I'm trying to find someone who'll take it and maybe even pay a few dollars, instead of me having to pay for its disposal.

* Provision - praise God! He doubled my money from 11 to 22$, allowing me to pay my electricity bill and still have 2$ extra. Don't despise the little things! I'm truly grateful for His provision that always comes just at the right time with the right amount!

* Language classes - the French class starts next week, with about 3-5 people. The German class might start later. I'm doing this for free, since I'm not allowed to work, trusting God will move people's and students' hearts and provide what I need.

* Visa - I've been trying to call to get the situation sorted out, but the line's always occupied (not toll-free), and since it's long distance, I need to get a phone-card again.

Lastly, pray for protection. The intercessors of our church have been alerted that big ministries are targeted by terrorists because of our involvement with Israel, our support of them, and WRC also has a property, planning to start a church there some time in the future. Our church is one of those high-profile churches (pastor Steve Gray just had a planned meeting with John Ashcroft, which was cancelled due to new developments).

By the way, Steve's planned ministry trip to London, Paris, Frankfurt will probably be postponed because God has told him to keep his post here in Kansas City right now. Well, it increases my chances of joining that team, and hopefully you in Europe coming to those meetings!

May the Lord bless you with all heavenly blessings in Christ Jesus, our beautiful Lord, Savior and Friend!

All HIS,


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