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Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
October 8, 2001



"Go in(to the Temple) and see the wicked and detestable things they are doing here." ... They say, 'The Lord does not see us' ... He then brought me into the inner court of the house of the Lord, and there at the entrance of the temple, between the portico and the altar, were about twenty-five men (priests). With their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east, they were bowing down to the sun in the east. (Ez 8:9,12,17)

The wake-up call to the American (western?) church is still ringing - yet many Americans have turned off their TVs and gone back to everyday life. This is the time for the CHURCH to repent, turn and seek God with all her heart. When we look in the Bible, God never brought judgment on the heathen nations, but on His own people. Let us return to Him with all we have and are and stand in the gap because He'll relent even with 10 righteous people being found (see Abraham). This is the time for the church to rise up to all she's called to be. We're on the verge of a world-wide awakening. The leader of the lowest caste in India with 300 million people has announced that they will turn to Christ now, since their own religion couldn't give them hope.


Shirley Smith started teaching on fasting, then we learned about prayer and intercession, today we covered weeping and wailing and the Spirit of God came powerfully applying the teaching to us. Shirley has a very strong message that sometimes makes people 'fear' her. A major part of this class is the required 90 min with God every day, at least half of which has to be in the morning.

GOD'S CHOSEN FAST by Arthur Wallis - classical book on fasting, we finished that topic

SECRETS OF THE ARGENTINE REVIVAL by Dr.Edward Miller - awesome book on how God started moving powerfully in Argentina 50 years ago, out of which came present days move of God like Toronto, Pensacola and Smithton.

REES HOWELLS INTERCESSOR by Norman Grubb - yet to read (I read it two years ago - great book)
Prayer & Worship Life of David
Prayer Life of William Duma (powerful minister in South Africa)
Prayer Life of Praying Hyde


My favorite class. It's awesome how the Bible suddenly comes alive as truth illumines passages. And yet it's horrible to realize how we've misinterpreted the Bible from our western perspective.
Example: There were two kinds of rabbis - Torah-teachers and itinerant rabbis. The latter had disciples and had a yoke. A yoke was the one command or verse all of the rabbis teaching was centered around. Jesus's yoke was "love the Lord, your God,... and your neighbor...". Itinerant rabbis also had semikah (authority). They were given semikah through the laying on of hands of two rabbis with semikah, with an elder as a witness. When Jesus was baptized, the Father and the Holy Spirit took the place of the two rabbis, and John was the elder witnessing it.

EVERYMAN'S TALMUD by Abraham Cohen - awesome book written by a Jew
The Office of a Prophet in the NT
Hebrew Idioms in Matthew's Gospel
The Dead Sea Scrolls


Pastors Tom & Diana Trout teach the principles they've learned over the years and how to apply them practically. We've covered the ministry team, the intercessors, what keeps the revival going. The key to the revival here is what they call the POWER OF ALL. Everyone giving their everything, doing everything together with one mind and heart. I've never seen a church in that regard - everyone comes to every service, everyone contributes, everyone (96%) tithes, everyone is sold out to God, etc.
REVIVAL TRAINING MANUAL compiled by the church

Papers: none (thank God)


Senior pastor Steve Gray, a pastor to pastors who travels world-wide bringing revival, teaches that class. It's so awesome to study God's word, the revivals in there, and principles that can be applied today. Example: there are three ways for revival to come 1. 2.Kings 2 - invite a revivalist to your church 2. 2.Kings 3 - God sovereignly brings revival 3. 2.Kings 5 - we have to go somewhere else
WHEN THE KINGDOM COMES - Lessons from the Smithton Outpouring by Steve Gray

Theology of Revival
Defining Aspects and Application of Revival


J.D King takes us through the last 2000 years, and it's so awesome to see how God never removed His Spirit, how He's always been moving in power, how the charismata never ceased, how Greek thinking has distorted our Christianity, still influencing us powerfully. The Greek exalted knowledge above everything else. When Constantine made Christianity the state religion in 313 A.D., it was the beginning of the 'destruction' of the church. By the way, did you know Augustine renounced his teaching that the gifts ceased with the apostles at the end of his life? The reformers however picked up his teachings discarding that he'd confessed having been in error.

Revivalist John G. Lake
The Smithton Outpouring

NEW PARADIGMS OF THE PROPHETIC - at Forerunner School of Prayer (IHOP, started by Mike Bickle)

Jill Austin, an internationally recognized prophetic voice, seeks to impart a hunger for God and His presence more than simply conveying teaching. Every week she stirs us up to seek Him more, makes us hungry for more of Him with her stories and prayers, and she always allows Holy Spirit to move and He comes in a very powerfuly way, touching lives. She has a very close relationship with her friend Holy Spirit (I love how she omits the article before His name).
The Prophetic Journey of Rebekah
Taking the Prophetic to the Streets

GUITAR I - at Grace Training Center (founded by Mike Bickle)

I'm really enjoying that class, even though it's still very basic and for the most part a revision. No papers to write :-))

If you're interested more in any of these classes, I'd be happy to e-mail you a word-file with my notes.
I just love all those classes! We start at 8.15 a.m. with worship, followed by 2 classes from 9-12. On Fridays we have a chapel service. Guitar and the prophetic class are on Tue and Wed. On Thu, Fri, Sat night we have services, as on Sunday morning. At the end of the month pastor Steve is traveling to Europe (if the situation allows it), to London, Paris and Frankfurt. If you in any way can make it, and if you're hungry enough for God, for revival, then GO THERE! I don't have exact locations or dates yet either.


We're about 22 full-time students, two thirds of which are between 18 and 21. I'm thankful for those I'm getting to know better. Sue has become my best friend - she's a single Mom from Minnesota and lives a few meters from my apartment. Samuel (from Singapore), my neighbor, has also become a good friend, as we ride to school together, alternating cars.


I was getting a little fed up with not having a desk and my books lying on the floor, still praying and believing. Two weeks ago, they brought a truckload of old stuff up from Smithton and told the church, we could take whatever we wanted. That way I got a great desk, bookshelf and three smaller shelves. PRAISE GOD!
Also, He provided the exact amount of money I needed to pay my bills for October. Hallelujah!


I applied for a 'Religious Worker' visa, yet I got a letter saying they were processing me for a student visa. I guess, the letter of a SCHOOL of Ministry kind of excluded me from the other visa. However, I ALREADY HAVE a student visa (thanks to my linguistics study in summer) which is valid until 2006 (as long as I'm enrolled). Originally the problem was that the school was not accredited, however, it's in the process of being accredited and will be in the next few weeks. That means, I paid 120$ for the visa application in vain. Also I need to call them and sort things out.


The downside is that I'm not allowed to work now. The Christian school turned out to be 'nothing' (they want substitute teachers to come in for full days). All I do is translating an online devotional, trusting God for the main part of my provisions. Also, I've found a few people who'd like to learn French or German, yet they still haven't started. And then God showed the way... There'll be two classes - a French and German class, and we're allowed to use the School of Ministry classroom. I had planned to get paid for that, but I'm not allowed to work now, and then God spoke to me saying, I could tell the students how much I would get and should trust Him to provide. I hope we can start those classes soon. It will be much fun.


Please keep praying that everything works out - Bärbel, who's been in my apartment, will take it over from me. Everything's in that process now. Pray also for God's blessings on her.


A few days ago the washing machine in our house broke down, my laundry being in there. Two days ago my toilet got problems and flooded the bathroom. And then yesterday:


What an adventure! I was planning to go to the airport twice - 80 miles (130 km) each. In the morning to bring Neil from Australia to the airport, in the afternoon to pick up Samuel, who had been in Toronto. In God's providence, Sue said she'd accompany us in the morning and we ended up taking her car. In the afternoon I took off alone to pick up Samuel. As I was riding in the car, it suddenly started smelling burned and the car's behavior changed. As it got worse, I got worried and took the next exit. It was then that I realized that the engine was boiling. So I was stranded, realizing I didn't have any phone numbers on me. I then did find two numbers, but they both weren't at home. Finally I remembered a card I had received in June, with an emergency number of the care pastor - thank God! He sent someone to pick me up. After 70 min. of waiting, he came and we drove to the airport. 90 minutes after his arrival we finally picked him up and drove back to the car. We poured water in and tried to drive home. However, it immediately ran hot again, a few times. I had to abandon the car on the interstate (freeway). The guy who was helping us said it would probably be a few hundred dollars if it was what he thought.
Today, I found someone to help tow the car off the interstate. When we got there, someone had broken a window to get into the car (there wasn't anything valuable in there). They looked at it again, and it doesn't look good. Besides a missing window, no heating in winter, there seems to be something major wrong with the engine. There's a mechanic in my church who'll have a look at it. However, I believe its life is over. I exactly have 20$ left, besides a major repair probably not being worth it.
For now, I'm thankful of having lots of people from church in the street here, which makes things easier. Still, you're immovable without a car here. I don't know what to do.


Over the last week God's taken me into deep intercession for Mali. You might not have heard that there have been floods there, affecting 30000 people, having swept away lots of farmland, threatening the people with hunger and cholera. They need our prayers.


My American friend Christy spent two weeks with me here. It was great having her here, it was even greater seeing how God powerfully worked in her life. Every time she came into His presence, He did a deep work in her, changing her visibly! Praise God! There's nothing like His presence! Please pray for her as she went back into a very complicated situation. Pray that His fire will be her protection.
And: THERE'S ROOM NOW for YOU to come visit me!!! Are you hungry for God? Are you desperate for more of Him? My house is open for you...


* wisdom concerning the car, maybe provision for repair/of a new car
* strength - I'm having a hard time battling tiredness and adapting to a revival schedule
* total dedication to God - that He and His honor is foremost in my life, for deeper hunger for more of Him
* wisdom with time-management - writing of papers, classes, church, meeting people
* financial provision, esp. since I'm not allowed to work
* Vienna apartment & Bärbel - if you know of any Americans moving from Vienna to the US, having a container with some room, I'd like to move some more stuff over here
* Mali, Christy

I love you all and appreciate your friendship and support. May the Lord of heaven and earth be with you always!



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