The Beginning Here For Such A Time As This
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
September 15, 2001



...All these are the beginning of birth pains...This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and THEN the end will come. (Mt 24:8.14)

What we're seeing is not the end, or judgment on America, but the beginning of the end. This is not about America, but about Israel and Jerusalem. What we've seen in the natural has been going on in the spiritual for a long time. This is the old fight between Ishmael and Isaac. America has been a friend of Isaac, and Ishmael is hoping to put enough pressure on America so they'll step back and allow Israel to be isolated. World War 2 was about establishing Israel. Now it's 50 years later... It's time for the church to rise up, unite in prayer, throw everything else aside, and march forward advancing His kingdom. We're not to fear because we knew this was coming (pastor Steve Gray has actually predicted the events and prepared his church for months, even years). It's time to act and preach the gospel in all nations and THEN the end will come.

I wouldn't want to be a in any place but here right now, especially if war broke out. I'm thankful for a church like WRC, for leaders like there are, and especially for the way the Lord is moving here.


Last time I shared some financial miracles, still being short of money to pay the full-time school on Wednesday. On Tuesday I was online when a friend contacted me and suddenly told me that she'd give me 650 US (10.000 ATS). I was shocked! In awe! It later turned out that this was EXACTLY the amount I still needed for all the tuition & textbooks! Those seeds she sowed will bring much fruit in her life also, as she'll receive the same reward (Mt 10:42).

While my tuition was paid, I kept holding on to God, believing also for the rent, the visa application, car registration and driver's license - all things which are pretty urgent. Today I got a check in the mail which will allow me to pay the rent and finally apply for my visa! Awesome God!

Since last Tuesday my phone is FINALLY working - thank God. I haven't heard from the Christian school yet that I'm supposed to do substitute teaching for. Also, there are about 3 people so far who'd like to take private lessons in French and German, but none of them has started yet.


On Sep 4 I started the guitar class at "Grace Training Center" (connected to "Metro Christian Fellowship", formerly pastored by Mike Bickle, now Floyd McClung). While it's obviously very basic for now, I'm looking forward to learning a lot.
The following day Jill Austin's class on "New Paradigms of the Prophetic" started at the "Forerunner School of Prayer" (connected to "International House of Prayer", founded by Mike Bickle). Little did I know how God had orchestrated that! I had wanted to take a class on the prophetic at GTC, but didn't feel free to. When I found out about that class, I knew why. And God has already exceeded my expectations, after the first two evenings. Jill Austin's ministry is called "Master Potter" and she travels all over the world, as a reknown prophetic voice. Her heart is not simple teaching, but impartation. The glory of God descends in that class like I haven't seen often! God has already done a great work in me.


Last Monday, World Revival School of Ministry finally started, after four weeks of waiting in Kansas City. We're about 22 full-time first-year students, all from the US (except me and Samuel from Singapore who came here last trimester). Most of them are also very young (I don't see myself as young any more ;-) - 28).
We have the following classes the first trimester: Spiritual Development - Prayer & Fasting, Hebrew Culture & Perspectives, Revival Training, Revival Theology and Revival History. Part of the Spiritual Development is a required devotional time with God of 90 min. minimum in the mornings, so I've had to adapt my life (revival changes your life totally anyway): Getting up at 6, at 8 we go to school where we have worship until 9. From 9-12 we have classes. On the first day of school, I discovered that, already having a Masters, I can do a Masters of Theology, which simply means much more work ;-). So, looking at the work load, I'm praying for God's grace and strength to complete it all!
We will also be working in all the ministries there are at the church. We have revival services Fri, Sat night and Sunday morning. Thu night is teaching & prayer night.

This first week of classes has already been awesome! I just love the teaching, the people, the church and the awesome GLORY of God! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but here, especially in light of last week's events. We're entering the most exciting time in history, and this place is a spring board for revival to the nations!

Last week an 'old' friend, Christy Slavovsky, who had studied in Vienna, came to stay with me for a weeks. It's been great to have her here and see God touching her with His glory. I'd like to invite you all to come and be changed forever! This weekend, Mike Bickle is organizing a HARP & BOWL conference I'm really looking forward to, with many renown leaders. Tonight, Jim Goll is going to be at World Revival Church - praise God! A man of God who's already changed my life - when he was in Austria.

Your prayers are much appreciated and needed. May your reward be exceedingly above what you imagined, sharing in His revival power and glory.

All HIS,


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