Getting Started In Kansas City
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
August 23, 2001



Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. (Ex 40:34)

Two weeks have nearly passed since my miraculous trip here. God's gone before me and prepared the path.

On my first Sunday, I had made an appointment with Dan & Heather in whose house I intended to rent a room. It was the only option and even though everything sounded perfect, I didn't know why I didn't feel God's peace about it. Sunday morning, Paula (who's in real estate business), who I stayed with when coming here, suddenly mentioned that one of the apartments in the street where a lot of people and students from the church live, has just been vacated and she had thought about renting it to me.
On Wednesday I moved into a wonderful apartment which Paula rents to me for half the price for the first 3 months, in exchange for computer help and lessons (and it's still twice as expensive as my Vienna apartment). It's quite a promotion because now I have a bathroom with toilet and bathtub/shower, a freezer, dishwasher, aircondition (of course :-)), a balcony and a washing machine and dryer in the house - all things I didn't have before. Most of all I'm overjoyed about the space which allows me to have visitors - so you're ALL INVITED!!! The church is only a few minutes' drive away.

Truly, God's people are different! How much actions speak to the world! I'm amazed at the people of God He's using to do His works. Tami & her family - who through her sacrifice has been blessed and will be blessed even more; Paula - who has such a heart of giving, constantly increasing her treasure in heaven; and then the people here who cleaned the apartment and got it ready, giving away furniture and kitchen stuff so I could have all the necessities. And there are so many more I could list here... I just want to speak it out clearly here, how much I love you and honor and respect you for your walk with God.

I have seen You in the sanctuary and beheld Your power and Your glory. (Psalm 63:2)

Seldom have I seen God's power like I did at the school during the last week of last year's school, as I was sitting in in classes.
During my first week here I went to school every morning. Even though Thursday and Friday were closed meetings since the students were prayed for, I was invited to join anyway. I LOVED the classes and can hardly wait until school starts in September. On Thursday we were worshipping God for two hours and the glory of the Lord filled the room. When the director, Dr. Ryser, prayed for us...

I love the house where You live, O LORD, the place where Your glory dwells. (Psalm 26:8)

The church services have been absolutely awesome! We have long times of worship, entering God's presence and getting lost in Him, followed by awesome testimonies of healing, provision etc. and great teaching. I just love it when pastor Steve Gray preaches - inspirational, tough, confronting messages of total dedication and commitment to God. The preaching is always followed by a time of prayer ministry, where everyone goes to get prayed for, and God's presence descends and changes lives forever.
I'm in awe that I have the privilege to be a part of what God is doing here. All I want is to know HIM, to be with HIM, in His glory, and see Him glorified. To learn, grow and become more and more like Him and more and more useful for His purposes.


My permanent address and phone number are below. Praise God, I also got a cable modem so I can be online all the time. Thanks to Paula's personal bank manager, I was able to open a bank account without difficulty. The details are below and if you're American, you can now support me by giving online, by simply clicking on the DONATE button. There was/is so much paper work to get done!

* I need to register the car (which is running fine :-)) here in Missouri. Firstly, it will be costly. Secondly, it might involve an inspection of the car. I'm also planning to take the test to receive an American driver's license soon.

* I'm still collecting forms and papers to apply for the change of visa. Thank God, the Christian school I'll be substitute teaching for has written a letter also which will increase my chances to get the 'Religious Worker's visa significantly.

* Finances - no money whatsover has come in and it seems, God will come through in the last second again, when I'll have to pay the tuition. I wasn't aware how many costs were involved in moving and feel my faith being stretched in trusting Him to provide for all my needs.
The interview at the Christian school was pretty good. However, I found out they teach neither French nor German. Substitute teaching simply means sitting there watching the kids when a teacher is absent. Because I can only come in the afternoons, they won't need me much.

Right now it is as if I were on holiday. Three friends from Austria have come to visit - praise God! :-). They spend a whole week with me and we're exploring Kansas City and the area. It's been a wonderful blessing to have them!

If you're in the US and can make, next week, Aug 30-Sep 2, we're having a conference in World Revival Church which is going to be powerful. You can stay with me ;-).
September 16-19, there's an awesome conference with Mike Bickle, Jack Deere, Cindy Jacobs, Francis Frangipane, Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Bob Sorge, Jim Goll and Matt Redman ( Maybe you can make it for that. I won't miss it for anything.
Finally, Steve Gray is coming to London, Paris and Frankfurt in November. If that is where you live, GO THERE!!!

May God bless you abundantly as you partner with me to see His glory in all the earth!


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