Only Little More Time In Grand Forks
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
July 25, 2001



You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.
Jer 29:13

Over the last few days my hunger for God has increased more and more, as I devoured one teaching tape and video from my new church in Kansas City after the other. All I want is Jesus, loving HIM, serving HIM, being with HIM. I thank God for this new hunger and don't ever want to lose it again. Also, my new friendship with Tami, who I mentioned last time, has been such a great blessing! We've been building each other up, sharing about God's glory and deeds. And finally, of course, it's your prayers that made the difference!

And tomorrow morning I'm going to a women's conference (Awake Deborah) south of here, together with other women from a few churches here, including Tami. I'm full of anticipation, praying that God will fill my hunger for HIM. I'm looking forward to spending full days in His glory! The conference is Thu-Sat.

More answered prayer:
+ I talked to some people and in the end, I was able to decrease the number of credits I'm doing the linguistic workshop for from 6 to 4. Praise God! That means I don't have to write a publishable paper and it took quite some pressure off of me.
Also, I've had new motivation and found a certain aspect to look at more closely, thank God. So I'm analyzing this more and will probably give a presentation on it in class next week. I'll also have to write up a report on the course. Please pray that God will refresh me at the conference and give me the strength I'll need for the last two weeks of linguistic studies, joy and insight into the language. This week I haven't been able to get anything done. For once, I've been pretty tired, and then I focused on getting my paper newsletter out which is now on its way to you (if you're on my list).

+ God has started to open the floodgates of heaven to provide what I need financially. Praise God that He is our Provider and that He will bring in all that's needed.

+ The free car - I've talked to Tami. She said she hadn't talked to her husband yet and was waiting for the right moment. She also said that he would still have to fix something so that I'd make it to Kansas City, where I'd need someone to fix the rest. Since we basically have only next week left (they will be gone the week after, which is my last week), time is really getting short. Please pray for a miracle.

Kansas City:

Two and a half weeks and I'll be back :-)) I can hardly wait to get there! However, I'm thinking more and more about the things that will need to be done and I'd really appreciate prayer for that since only God can sort everything out.

+ Housing - that's most urgent. I've found out that I'll not be able to stay with my new friend Paula, who's blessed me so much and who's also storing my stuff right now. Please pray that I'll QUICKLY find the RIGHT place which is as CHEAP as possible.

+ Visa - I'll have to send in an application for a change of visa. This matter lies totally in the hands of God since I was told the outcome is pretty unpredictable and different from case to case.

+ Job - I've gotta go to that one Christian school right away which said they'd want me for substitute teaching. I have no clue how many hours I'd teach there or how much I'd earn, but I pray it will work out.

School will start September 10, the guitar class at the other Bible School a week earlier, and the Christian school where I might teach probably another week earlier. There will be a lot of things to get ready, prepare, settle in, etc. etc.

May God prepare the way before me as He's done all along. Great things lie ahead and all I want is to glorify HIM and see HIM glorified!

May this also be the cry of your heart!

Many blessings,


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