5 Weeks Into My Linguistic Studies
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
July 16, 2001



Therefore encourage one another and build each other up...
1.Thess 5:11

Thank you for all your prayers against my migraines. Praise be to our Lord because He's answered them! I haven't had a migraine since writing to you last time. It seems that my body has slowly recovered from the stress and strain and that these reactions were only temporary. May it be that way!

A week ago we had a long weekend. At first we (my Argentine friend Gabriela and Jenny from North Carolina) planned to go down to Kansas City to my new church where they had a conference. But due to a 12-hour-drive (one way) and exams they had the following week, it didn't work out. Then God opened another door: My new pastor would come to a town 7 hours away for meetings that weekend. One student would go home and live nearby and take us, and I found a Christian there via the internet who'd give us a place to sleep, but again it didn't work out. So I was pretty miserable on Saturday, with many people being gone, and having a hard time making myself work. But God had other plans for me I didn't know about yet.

On Sunday I went to the Assembly of God church again and God had a divine appointment for me there: I met Tami. After church, Jenny and I went to the church picnic where we talked to quite a few people. Tami then took Jenny, who had to study home, and went on to show me Grand Forks. We ended up in a coffee shop where we'd share stories about God's deeds with each other and build each other up. I enjoyed her company so much and knew that God had brought us together for a purpose. She senses the same. Finally, we spontaneously went to the evening service of a church outside of town. It was a tiny church but the moment you stepped in, you could feel the presence of God. And the Lord touched my heart in the worship and by the words of the pastor. I was encouraged and God even gave me new joy I hadn't known for a while. At the end, just before we wanted to leave, I was asked my address. I then found out that they wanted to bless me with a check. :-0 Wow! They didn't even know me! I was overwhelmed by the Lord's grace and for this sign of His faithfulness. I'm now waiting for this envelope to arrive.

But that wasn't all: There's a possibility that I may be GIVEN a car, for FREE!! :-0 Please pray that God's will be done in bringing about that miracle.

On Monday (day off), I went with Tami to visit her friend Linda, a wonderful woman of God. She's a minister, living by faith. And, I could hardly believe my eyes as she handed me a check! :-0 It was the money for a women's conference ("Awake Deborah") that will take place an hour from here in two weeks. They're both going, and now I'm going too :-). I praise God for this opportunity. Last Wednesday, I joined them for a (truly!) interdenominationl women's prayer meeting which was great. And today, she took me to her son's baseball game before going to the evening service together. Thank God for women like her, and for having brought her into my life!

Last week I was also greatly blessed because one of my wonderful friends sent me teaching videos and tapes from Kansas City! I had been longing for those and now I'm devouring all that great meat!


Those have become a deep concern now. All those weeks I've been struggling with working. I'd sit down to work and a wall would come up. I haven't really accomplished much, in terms of analyzing language data, which is the majority of my work to be done. I love the classes and get motivated there, but as soon as I sit down at my desk... It's not only the heat that's a factor. It is, I believe, firstly that I've worked on that same subject for over two years, secondly, that I was a physical wreck when I came her, being overworked, and very much in need of a holiday. However, the work load is more than I can do right now. If I could start the summer again, I'd do it differently (the workshop for fewer credits and another class in addition). The problem is that the 6 credits for the workshop is the minimum number of credits. So, I'm praying hard for God to intervene, either by helping me overcome my weaknesses and reluctance, or by finding another way. I'm planning to talk to the workshop leader and/or director of the school. I'd really appreciate your prayers for this. I've felt all along that it's not primarily the studies why God brought me here, but maybe the people I meet, being confronted with Wycliffe etc. In any case, the grade or the number of credits is of no importance to me.

Other prayer concerns:

* Something is going wrong with the transfer of the rent from the lady in my apartment to my account. In the beginning she told me what happened and she said she'd fix it. Now I've written twice and don't get an answer and I still don't have the money after a month. Please pray that this will be sorted out.
* Please continue also to pray for financial provision for Bible School, housing, etc.

May God bless you all richly.

Love in HIM,


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