Arriving In My New Home
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 12, 2001



See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up...
Isa 43:19

A new chapter of my life has been started and it's only now that I'm starting to comprehend how significant it is. The Lord has started to show me how this is the fulfillment, or the beginning, of His promises which leaves me feeling so small, overwhelmed and in awe of HIM. I can only fathom what lies ahead of me.

Last Tuesday, June 5, I left Vienna to fly to Kansas City, with two layovers. The journey took about 21 hours from door to door. I was picked up by a lovely lady from my new church 'World Revival Church' (WRC). I stayed with her the first 2 nights, and with another church member the other 3 nights. On the first day (Wed) I was pretty sick for half a day - I guess the long journey had gotten at me, having been so exhausted. On Thu, Fri, Sat night I went to the (revival) services and my strength was quickly restored in the presence of the Lord.

Every morning, Wed-Fri, I went to the school and sat in the classes - Hebrew Culture & Perspective, Pauline Epistles, Acts, Biblical heroes & characters, Worship & Warfare, Introduction to Preaching. The classes were so great and I learnt so much only those few days! I also got to know a lot of students. There are about 22 students in the full-time school this year (which is the first year of the school). Those students were so amazing! They so much cared for me, I was showered with love! And I've already made friendships for a life-time and am looking forward to getting to know them better.

The first night, after having arrived, I watched the video "Go Inside the Smithton Outpouring" which tells the story of how God started moving in the small town of Smithton 5 years ago. It's a wonderful video. I also watched some teaching tapes, heard music, listened to what the students had to say and share. All of this increased my anticipation of the first service there, which was Thursday night, and increased the hunger in my heart for the Lord.

Thursday night came. That's the night when they have a church-meeting basically. At the moment they have a series on parenting :-) followed by worship. After every meeting they have a ministry time where everyone can and does get prayer. The worship was wonderful and the prayer only increased the hunger in my heart so that it was nearly unbearable.
Friday night was the first revival meeting. One hour worship, one hour preaching, then prayer - but you don't ever look at your watch or care whatsoever how long the service is. The worship time was awesome and the preaching pretty good (guest speaker, because the senior pastor was on a ministry trip).
Then Saturday night came and I was in great anticipation as the senior pastor Steve Gray was back.

On Friday I had an appointment at the other Bible School (Grace Training Center) which was great, it's a wonderful school. Saturday afternoon I went to their church service before going to the one at WRC. Up to that point I had been praying that God would make it a 100 lear which school, even though it had been pretty clear all the way. I just needed complete assurance before leaving Kansas City (KC).

The Saturday evening service would change everything, to a degree I would have never anticipated.
The worship time was absolutely glorious! One big 'secret' of this church is their unity and that they've all paid a price for revival. Each and every member has to tell an amazing story to the glory of the Lord. I've only once before heard worship that was so much one, but I've never seen anything like this; everyone in one accord raising their hands to the Lord in praise and total surrender. The glory and the joy of the Lord were in that place!
Then Steve Gray came to preach. God had him preach the message I needed to hear that night. And God would speak to me all the way through, opening my eyes more and more to the truth. At the end, suddenly the whole church rushed - I mean, they RAN - as one to the front, without any call! God's power was there and He deeply touched me. I started to weep inside as He showed me how everything had led up to my being here and how this was IT, and how this would be the fulfilment of His promises. I was overwhelmed, felt so insignificant, so little, so unworthy and so honored to have the privilege of being a part of this. This inner weeping would go on pretty long. Suddenly everything fitted perfectly. I felt so much at home there, in the perfect will of God. I left the church with my new friends, being one of the last people. And I started to grieve deeply that I would have to leave KC the following morning, having to be away for two months.

The first day away was extremely hard. I've traveled quite a bit in my life, not having known homesickness. But that day I was so homesick for KC, WRC, my new friends. I left Kansas City being a part of the church and the school and students. I received my letter of acceptance while being there and classes will start in September.


Housing - it seems like I'll have to rent a room, or share a house with other students which is kind of expensive. My desire would be to
have a room with a family in exchange for teaching/tutoring.

Transportation - there's no public transportation WHATSOEVER in KC!! The first thing I'll need is a car to get around. It seems like the Lord is already answering that prayer: today (my second in North Dakota) I met a girl who wants to sell her car for 500$ (8300 ATS). Of course I don't have that money, but I won't find another car for that price. And I could drive back to Kansas City with it which would also save money (about 15 hour drive). It now depends on her father if he agrees for her to sell it to me. Please pray for God's will to be done.

Working - this is a challenge. Not having a teaching degree or references, my chances of getting a teaching job are pretty low. However, I did not have time to pursue this during those few days. I'll have to work more on this when I return in August.
But then, God seems to be opening some doors for private teaching, translation. The only problem is that I don't know yet whether I'll be allowed to teach privately with the religious worker's visa which I will hopefully get (application when I return).

Summer Institute of Linguistics (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Yesterday I arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, for the two-month school of linguistics. The reason of coming was first of all that I'll be doing a workshop on tone (6 credit-hours), which was the subject of my M.A. thesis. At the end of the summer will be a publication in a linguistic journal. There are other great courses, of course, and I'll be doing another one on syntax (3 credit-hours).
I'm looking forward to doing linguistics again, starting tomorrow, and meeting lots of missionaries and people from all over the world. There are 90 students here. I'm blessed to have a room for myself, even with an internet connection, so that's where I'm writing from.

Greatest Need

The Lord has done miracles to bring me to the US. And one lady in KC said a sentence which kept ringing in my ears, "You're definitely supposed to be here.". The Lord has assured me of being my provider so that I do not worry any more about finances. I'm looking forward to watching Him do the impossible. There are a lot of expenses ahead of me, around the end of August, and only the summer in North Dakota is covered so far. Car, housing, taxes, tuition; it all amounts to about 40000 ATS (2500$), and the high dollar/low euro is a worsening factor. I do not have an American account yet, but will open one when returning to Kansas City (Aug 11).



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