Take Off Tomorrow
Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 4, 2001



Dear friends,

Tomorrow is the start of a new time in my life. For those of you who haven't heard yet, I'll shortly summarize what lies ahead of me.

This summer I am doing a linguistic training with SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Working with SIL was my goal when I first started my studies of African languages and French (which I finished at Christmas). Two years ago I had the opportunity to go to Mali, West Africa, doing linguistic research for my MA thesis in order to contribute to SIL work there. This summer I'll continue working on this subject and will hopefully publish it later.

All I know is that my heart is burning for Mali, longing to bring the people there the good news and seeing them saved and healed.

To that end, I'll be doing a two year school of ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, starting in September, after the SIL school. The World Revival School of Ministry is part of the World Revival Church (known as 'The Smithton Outpouring') which has been in revival for the past 5 years. (see
www.worldrevivalchurch.org) I should complete this time with a Bachelor of Theology.

The purpose of this list is to keep you up to date about what God is doing in my life so that you can effectively support me, whether in prayer or giving. Injesus.com even enables you to give online via your AMERICAN bank account as soon as I've opened one myself. God has done miracles over the past months to make all of this possible and I'm moving forward in faith, knowing that He provides when He calls.

If you do not wish to be part of this list, simply send an unsubscribe e-mail to injesus.com. Also, feel free to forward this mail, anyone who likes can subscribe.

What you can pray for:

* A safe trip tomorrow - it will take about 20 hours door to door.
* Strength - over the past months I've worked more than one can bear and I'm pretty exhausted.
* The first few days I'll be in Kansas City before continuing on to Grand Forks. Please pray for an effective time, visiting the school, church and schools where I might be able to teach.
* Linguistic Courses - pray that God will make clear which courses to take. Only one is chosen so far.

My friends, I greatly appreciate you all and I thank you for all your love and support.



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