July 19 - Wonderful Holy Spirit Release

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What a wonderful, refreshing prayer meeting we just had!!! Today I saw some of the freedom that we used to have return! Hallelujah! I'm full of joy and thankfulness and love for our God who is so gracious and abundant!

On Thursdays we

have our weekly prayer meeting - often a time of just worshipping our amazing God and entering into His presence - and it was my first meeting in 3(!) weeks. Last week Paul was sick and there was no meeting, and the week before I was sick.


After three heavy days of dealing with stuff that not only distracted but also drained Paul and me, I had such a sense of anticipation before the meeting, looking forward to it. From the beginning there was much joy - which was amazing in itself. And there was freedom as everyone praised and danced and gave Him glory. In case you don't know, I lead worship on the piano - in French, with Paul interpreting.

I went into slow songs of adoration, where we also asked him to change our hearts, transform us into His likeness, and totally dedicated ourselves to Him. Then I went to the "Come and fill me up" song, but only played the chords without singing the song itself. I found myself starting to sing in tongues (which I don't do that much). His presence increased, and I clearly felt God's invitation for us to be refilled with His Spirit and presence if we wanted to. I felt I was supposed to lay hands on anyone who wanted to, so I extended the invitation. Nearly everyone responded. So I started laying hands on them, and immediately the power of God came down. It felt so good to be a conduit for Him and enjoy His tangible presence myself. I purposely left "the best for last", praying for Joseph and then Paul. As always, Paul responded the most, as he's such a sponge for God, so hungry for Him. I prayed in tongues for a while, and then just felt to say "be strengthened" over and over. God touched him powerfully. And boy did he need it! I haven't talked to him yet, but can't wait to hear the difference it has made in his life. And it's been wonderful for me too.

How precious that He comes to our rescue when we need Him the most! That His presence is always there for us, available when we need it, His arms always open to hold us and permeate every cell of our being. Awesome God! With Him we can go through anything!



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