Changing Of Seasons

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Until a few years ago I used to blog every day. Then I stopped. My last blog was a report on a conference I attended last September where God did some profound things in me. I haven't written since then... no words about the remarkable season that ended a few weeks ago. It's probably for the better. It's been a season of heights and lows, of glorious times and very tough times, one that has been very emotional for sure; one that I didn't think would end but just be a beginning of a great future ahead.

One thing is for sure - I have learned A LOT throughout this season as well as since it ended. I've learned a lot about myself, about men, about God, about relationships, about what' good and what's not, what's healthy and what's not, why women and men act as they do, and knowing my God, He will use this experience and all I've learned so I can help others in a more effective way. Yes, it's been tough, but I wouldn't miss this experience for anything. I totally agree with the quote I put on my FB cover: "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." I also know that I am a better woman as a result and will be a better partner and wife whenever God brings the right man into my life. He is the one who will benefit from the lessons learned and the changes for the better I have made in my life, and that God has worked in me.


In the meantime, I get an opportunity to grow in patience again. I get to apply my own sermon on HOPE that I've been preaching all over for the past 5 months. I get to draw close to my heavenly Daddy, snuggle in His arms, let Him hold me and comfort me and fill me with His love. I get to acknowledge my total trust in Him AND in His GOODNESS. I get to live out and proclaim that He is good Daddy who has our best interest in mind. He is the One who knows all the answers to our WHY questions, and sometimes He shares a few of those. I get to proclaim my total trust in Him that at the PERFECT time He will bring the RIGHT man into my life - the one I get to spend the rest of my earthly life with. He has promised it - over and over - and He will bring it to pass.

There are so many people out there, waiting for the fulfillment of His promises, but let's not get weary in waiting, let's not get bitter and lose hope, let's not allow our hearts to get sick from hope deferred, but let's lift our eyes up to HIM and jump onto His lap and delight in Him and Him alone.

Yes, it's hard to be single again. It's lonely when there is no one eager to see you and talk to you. When there is no one you mean everything to any more. Once you've tasted it... BUT, this is also only a season, a season to make the most of, preparing ourselves, getting ourselves ready for the day of fulfillment, in every way we can. He will surely give us the desires of our hearts, and what He has promised He will do. NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Trust in Him!


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