Touched By An Angel

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130905Last Sunday night I was touched by an angel - the second time ever I had a physical "collision" with an angelic being. The first time was in a Jill Austin meeting that I place somewhere between 2001 and 2003. So let me back up to tell you what led up to last Sunday night.

Last year - January 2012 - God started me on a period of transition when he said priorities would be switched around, with Mali 2nd and itinerant ministry 1st. At first it seemed like blasphemy with the previous 16.5 years having been all about Mali. In February 2012 He renewed my calling to Europe. The transition continued with

my training to become a certified fitness trainer which was the fruit of a 40-day fast for direction. This year, God has taken me deeper into essential oils which adds another important aspect to healing. These past few months I've had a sense that this transition would last until the end of this year.


This past half year has already been quite interesting. Most awesome ministry in Europe in April/May, commissioned as apostle in June, then immediately the warfare with 2 tough months following. A few things that indicated this new coming season blew me away - finding 2 new board members (every summer 2 leave and 2 new ones have to be found) really easily (in the past it was very hard), getting a double upgrade from my airline which never happens (from economy to premium economy to business class) and then God sovereignly providing the perfect person to become the new secretary of the ministry after years of struggling to do so, just the day before the conference started, when Rosh Hashana actually started.

Not being able to attend Life Center's Sep conference because of a clash of dates (and I try not to miss their 2 yearly conferences), I prayed about where else to go to be on the receiving end, get refreshed. I signed up for David Herzog's Roshashana New Beginnings Festival in Sedona, AZ, because several factors pointed towards it.

I've learned to put expectations aside as I go places to avoid disappointment. As for this conference, I just felt that the timing of the Jewish New Year was significant, and that there might be something there for me to receive for this new season.

The conference took place in a tent on top of a hill with little protection from rain, exposed to hot and cold temperatures. I had been to one David Herzog conference before, and was looking forward to being in a Joshual Mills meeting again since I hadn't seen him in years. I was also looking forward to seeing my old friends Kevin & Kathy Basconi again that I hadn't seen in years.

The meetings started Thursday night. I had just arrived and was very tired. In fact I was tired for most meetings all week and usually rushed home to the hotel quickly (20 min drive) at the end of the meetings. However, I didn't want to miss any meetings, even to catch up on sleep.

The meetings were good, though not over the top. The rains having soaked the ground in the front didn't help. Being in such an atmosphere of "anything is possible" though raised my faith and expectancy level for great things to come in the future. I also had a vision or "holy imagination" experience which was great and which I might tell you about.

What I noticed though that until the very end I didn't really sense the presence of God literally - okay, I hadn't been prayed for even once which helps, still.

On Sunday there were two meetings - afternoon and evening; having the morning off really helped in filling my sleep tank a little more. Joshua Mills did the afternoon session, and Kevin the evening session. I got to sit in the second row, realizing rather late that they had reserved seats for visiting pastors.

Now, Kevin had done one other session, on Thursday morning, where he had me stand up and gave a quick prophetic word, in passing, saying a fire angel was assigned to me, as well as two angels called wisdom and revelation. He said something about crusades, and apostle to nations. He also said I'd enter a season of rest, that I'd be ministering out of that rest. That really resonated deeply with me with another pastor just having prophesied the same thing to me 2-3 weeks earlier. Unfortunately I don't have a recording of what Kevin said.

Sunday night was really great, with encouraging stories that created hunger. I was getting a little tired as it was getting late, but I wasn't gonna leave early. Kevin was approaching the end of what he had to say. He pointed towards one side in the front and said there was a portal of breakthrough right there. The ground was still soaked with rain, and on top of that it started to rain again. He called the Asians to go through first, and then everyone else lined up behind them. I was lucky to be towards the front of the line. Kevin wanted everyone to just walk through that portal without anyone touching them. As I was getting closer to the portal, God's presence increased more and more. It was getting very intense and I figured He was up to something big. The people ahead of me didn't seem to be in the same boat as most just walked on.

When I walked through the portal, it was as if I had walked right into an angel which is different than being touched by Holy Spirit. I started spinning around uncontrollably, not knowing where was up and down, forward and backward. I think there were even a few screams (and I never scream). It was absolutely amazing. Kevin just said, new nations are opening up. As I was slowing down two people led me towards a chair where I sat down. I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God and close to tears. I knew I had received what God had brought me there for, and I felt that it was big. New angels assigned for a new season, having walked through the portal of breakthrough. I can't wait to see the fruit of all this, how ministry is going to be different.

Still "under the influence" I finally walked to my car and drove back to the hotel. Two days later I still had really sore muscles in my thighs from those crazy movements. Back at the hotel, amazingly, I did other things for a while, having to get ready to leave for the airport in the morning. When I woke up Monday morning, I was very much aware of what I had dreamed, which is rare for me. In the dream I was talking to Kevin and expressing to him my desire to also move in the glory and with angels the way he, David Herzog and Joshua do. I remember my deep longing. And Kevin just answered, "you can", making it sound so simple. Waking up from this dream, I felt like God had answered my heart's desire, having taken me into this new season where this is possible.

What the "holy imagination" was about? One of the speakers said at one point that there was a door open in heaven and to go through. As I walked through, I was in a beautiful place, a garden that was just glorious, the way Eden must have been. It was such a place of peace; I felt like it was that place of rest that had been prophesied. I returned there a couple of times during the remainder of the conference, every time seeing new things. There was a display box on a stand with keys. There were 3 rows of keys with 7 keys each, so 21 keys in total. It was keys to nations that were for me. Three keys were not in there because I already had them in my possession - those were Mali, France and Austria. Two of the remaining keys were labeled - one was Senegal, and that's the key I went for. Now you need to know all that God has spoken to me/us about Senegal, starting a center there, to know its significance. As soon as I took the key into my hands, I felt God's passionate heart of compassion for Senegal, felt compelled to pray for that country.

I was walking around the garden and saw a couple of doors. I walked through one and entered something like a cave. There was a map of France in there, and France was divided into regions, nearly like its counties. Each region had a keyhole. Underneath the map there was two rows of keys. Not all the spots were filled with keys. I felt like I could take any key to a region in France to unlock it. Since I was at that time praying about filling a weekend in October with ministry in France, I picked two keys. A few days later I now have ministry planned for one of those two regions for that weekend.

There were pathways going off from that entry chamber, to the different doors leading to the different regions. I felt like I could go through those doors to those regions, and also, being in those regions, I could go up into this heavenly place from there.

Another time I came to an altar of holy fire in the garden. It was burning bright and hot and was cleansing and equipping, and I felt that I had authority to take this fire back down to earth with me.

That concludes my report of being touched by an angel. I know there are many Christians from other streams that might have difficulty with some things I shared. May the fruit be the judge! I can tell you that I'm very much in love with Jesus and excited about Him, and what He's gonna do. Stay tuned!


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