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Healing 2 The Nations International's mission is to bring healing on four levels:

Spiritually - to those who do not know the Lord as their personal Savior, Lord and Bridegroom

Emotionally - to those struggling with issues resulting from their past

Physically - to those bound by sickness

Nationally - to labor for nation-wide transformations and world-wide revival


H2TNI's origin & founder:

11Claudia2The Lord has given Claudia Wintoch a heart for the nations of the world, particularly those where noone wants to go and where noone has heard the good news. Having been healed spiritually and emotionally from deep wounds, it has always been on her heart to minister healing to a sick world. And she's always had an unsatiable hunger for more of the Lord, and to see others enter into the fullness of the Lord as well. Early in her Christian life, the ministry name Healing 2 The Nations formed.

Claudia has been a believer since 1993, called to the ministry and Africa that same year, and learned her destination (Mali) in 1995. In 2001 she moved from Austria to Kansas City, MO, for two years to attend Bible School before going to Mali in 2003.

While Mali is the nation the Lord has given her as inheritance (see Psalm 2:8), Claudia's calling is to go to many other nations as well as His ambassador. It's been spoken prophetically repeatedly that she would be a "mother of nations".




H2TNI ist eine in den USA registrierte
gemeinnützige Organisation, sowie ein
in Österreich registrierter Verein
. H2tNI
ist Teil der apostolischen Netzwerke von
Che Ahn, Randy Clark und Bill Johnson.