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In November of 2004 Claudia founded the church Centre Apostolique Malien in Bamako, as well as a Bible School that has 3 graduates with an Associate degree so far.

In 2006 she started going into villages to preach the gospel and plant churches, and the number of churches went up to 8 in different villages. However, due to integrity issues with the pastor in charge, 5 were lost.

There are now three churches:

  • the mother church in the capital Bamako
  • a church in the village of Goro, planted in 2007
  • a church in the village of Dara, planted in 2008

Because of a lack of personnel, Claudia has stopped planting any more churches so they can take good care of the sheep they already have under their care.



Claudia preaches, ministers and prophesis in 3 different languages (English, French, German) in many nations, and is always open to go to new places as a carrier of His glory. Her passion is to see the body of Christ to come into fullness and maturity and to walk in everything God has in store for His children. She loves talking about intimacy with God, His glory, destiny and healing in all areas, as well as sharing what God is doing in Mali. She has seen many people be healed emotionally and physically, as well as having intimate encounters with God.

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