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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Randy & Claudia Wilson

8 June 2018


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Monthly budget: $14,120 or 11.740€
Monthly support: $6,000 or 5.000€




In North America:

Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Int'l (or H2TNI) and send them to:

Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 4342
Wichita, KS 67204


In Europe:

Account holder: Healing 2 The Nations International
Bank name: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT11 12000 100 017 396 21



Mailing address


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 4342
Wichita, KS 67204


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
Kendlerstraße 27/12
A-1140 Vienna




Mali: (+223) 6669 2004
USA: (706) 550 9987
AUT: (+43) (699) 1900 9169




Ministry Website




May 22-June 11   Quebec, Canada

May 24-26   Hodos Conference, Gatineau
May 27   Maniwaki
June 3   Gatineau
June 10

June 12-18   Bellefontaine, MS

June 19-24   Augusta, GA

June 24    Overcomers Outreach Center

June 26-July 8   Harrisburg, PA

July 9-23   Kansas City, MO & Wichita, KS

July 15   Innovo, Wichita, KS
July 22
   CTC, Lee's Summit, MO

July 24-29   WOFL Conference, Phoenix, AZ

July 30-Aug 12   California

Aug 1-4   HIM Conference, Pasadena
Aug 5   Firepoint, Sunland (tbc)
Aug 12   open

Aug 15-21   Vienna, Austria

Oct 15-20   PEM, Madrid, Spain

Oct/Nov   France




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Order in Europe and rest of world.


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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Randy & Claudia are part of the apostolic networks of Che Ahn, Alain Caron and Randy Clark.

After a whole month of battling a stubborn virus, it looks like we're finally nearing the end. Please pray for complete healing!



Having less than half of our monthly budget come in through regular donations, we depend on one-time donations to make up for the rest. Medical bills, school payments, repairs, and many more expenses have led to us being in debt by an unprecedented 5-digit amount. We declare that God takes care of ALL our needs according to His riches in glory, and that this mountain of debt be moved and dissolved!



Taking the healing provided in the Father's atonement through His Son Jesus to the nations of the world - spiritual, physical, emotional and national healing and restoration by the power of Holy Spirit.

That is our mission statement. As soon as I found Jesus at the age of 20, I had a desire to share the good news of salvation and healing with everyone I met. I would give testimonies about inner healing, and did a healing & counseling school 3 years after getting saved. I served in the ministry team in my church and had a passion to see God's people healed and restored in every way. I also knew early on that God had called me to the nations, and so Healing 2 The Nations was born.

Once in Mali, I saw a lot of physical healings, to the point that people were coming from other villages, thinking there was a medical team, and invited us to their villages. Muslims would come to our base all the time, asking us to pray for them to be healed. We've seen every kind of miracle - the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, just not the dead raised yet (though the nearly-dead have been raised). When Randy joined me three years ago, his passion for healing fit perfectly into what this ministry is all about.

I've always wanted to see healing in every way - spiritual (salvation), physical, emotional, and also national, i.e. to see reconciliation and restoration of whole nations. Today we live up to the ministry name more than every before.

We started our trip in Austria, where we did some ministry, and are now in French-speaking Quebec, where we have ministered in different churches. Before we left Mali, we saw a lady born deaf completely healed. She's learning to talk and has brought her whole family to church with her. Just a few days ago, Paul prayed for a lady who had had a sickness for the past 5 years and she was instantly healed. These past few weeks, we've seen two people with ringing in their ears set free, another whose ear opened up. A lady shared how her knees were still healed from when I prayed for her before. A leg was lengthened, back and other pains disappeared. Others shed tears as God healed their hearts and set them free. I prayed with a 10-year-old girl to give her life to Jesus, and the Lord has led us to others who needed to hear of our beautiful Lord Jesus. And these are just some of the testimonies we know of.

Why do we travel? Because we are called to bring God's kingdom to the nations. How exciting to see the same miracles we read of in the Bible happen in Mali, in Austria and in America! How exciting to see His children set on fire in the Western world! May we ALL walk in the fullness of all God has for us!



We've been so blessed by our secretary Becky for the past 4 years who served this ministry tirelessly. Becky has such a big servant's heart, it's hard to see her go. But we find ourselves in the situation that we need to find a new secretary to take her place.

We're looking for someone with a heart for this ministry who can empty the PO box once a week, take and send me the check pictures and deposit the checks on our bank account. That person would need to have a computer, printer, email and a smartphone. Our heart would be to employ our secretary at one point, but right now it's a volunteer position.

Please email me if you live in the United States and are interested.




  •        Spiritual Warfare - A month ago Randy caught a virus, and we have both been sick since. All the ministry we have done, and the healings we have seen, were in spite of our sore throats, coughs and hurting heads. Thank God we're nearly over it. A few days ago Paul thought he was dying one night, but was alright the next morning. All to say that we cannot do it without God's people interceding for us!
  •        Website Offline - Unfortunately our website was deleted and is not recoverable. For now only the latest newsletter appears on our website until a new site has been created.
  •        Adama gone - Adama (10) was one of the 13 children we lost last year, and in April we were full of joy when he returned to us. Last night he ran away again after stealing a cellphone from one of the street kids sleeping on our base.
  •        Finances - Our well pump broke, some children needed glasses, others had to go to the hospital. Schools demanded the last tuition payment and now want the enrollment fee for the next school year. And we had no money for any of these expenses. If you'd like to help us, please look on the left to see how you can do so.
  •        Construction Update - Construction of the next building that will house our school in the beginning, as well as dorms and the carpenter's workshop, started on February 5th. Right now they're making bricks to build the walls. Believe with us for the remaining 60.000€ or $73,000 to come in so we can finish it and start our school.
  •        Disciple-Making Groups - Our groups are going very well. Paul is leading the first generation groups and since each person in a group starts their own group, we now already have third generation groups. Pray for His knowledge to cover all of Mali!
  •        First-Grade Teacher - We are still looking for a French-speaking first grade teacher to join our team in September. There is such a need for a good, Christian school where the children are treated with dignity and learn something. Many of our Muslim neighbors would send their children to our school. Please pray we'll find a teacher by fall!
  •        Malian Leader Paul - Please pray for Paul who carries a lot on his shoulders. Pray for his health, strength, and for his wife to fall in love with Jesus and support him in ministry.
  •        Security Situation - The presidential elections are planned for July 28th. Mali is becoming more and more radicalized by jihadists. Please pray for peace, and for protection from jihadists.
  •        Miracle Baby - Please continue to pray for our promised miracle child to manifest in the natural!
  •       Volunteers - Do you want to come change an orphan's life? Do you want to heal the sick? Preach the gospel to those who've never heard? Come to Mali for a season and let God change your life. No language skills needed, but French skills are helpful.


And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19, AMP)


Trusting HIM,

Claudia (& Randy)


April 2018
Standing from left: Claudia, Randy, Paul, Amadou, Hama, Yacouba, Bakary, Moussa, Fanta
Sitting from left: Sarata, Adama, Habibatou, Jonathan with Esther, Hama, Musokura

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